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Paul Johnson
August 6, 2020 | Paul Johnson

Republican Red — Reaching Beyond the Political Divide

At a time when America seems more divided than ever, Republican Red is on a mission to bring people together. That’s because Republican Red represents so much of what makes America great — free speech, tolerance for differing opinions and genuine respect for each other.

Nothing inspires great conversation like sitting with family and friends with a great bottle of wine. The silent majority doesn’t yell. We don’t cancel opponents. We don’t riot. We work hard, raise our families, contribute to our communities and vote in candidates that share our values.

Our goal is to provide a conversation starter inspired by our greatest ideals. There is so much more that we agree on than divides us. We all love to gather, share our opinions, and appreciate each other as Americans, no matter how much partisan politicians try to drive wedges between us.

Whether you are a conservative, liberal, libertarian, or just see yourself as an average American trying to do right by the people you love, Republican Red inspires us all to come together around the shared experience of a great bottle of wine.

Paul Johnson
Republican Red Wine

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