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About the Brand

Does watching the lamestream media make you wish you had a drink? 

Good news! Republican Red is a delicious reminder that you are as right in your politics as you are in your taste in wine.

Republican Red is wine for the right side. It is for those who are proud to be conservative and desire a libation that celebrates liberty.

So, raise a glass and toast our Country, our Constitution, and all those that have fought to preserve it.



About the Wine

Produced and bottled in Salinas, CA, Republican Red is a beautiful 100% Pinot Noir that has been aged to perfection. Just check out the crystallization on the cork!

From the first sip, Republican Red is soft and expansive on the pallet. Its rich depthwill seem as bottomless as your love for America and its lasting finish as timeless as the principles of liberty.





With notes of plum, cherry and boysenberry, this remarkable wine will leave you wanting moreā€¦more freedom, more independence, and more Republican Red wine!

Republican Red wine pairs beautifully with grilled meats, Mediterranean veggies, roasted potatoes, and copious amounts of chocolate!



Republican Red Wine Bottle Label being adhered to the bottle by hand